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122-124 Peter Street

LAST UPDATE: July 5 2021

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photo credit, courtesy of Bob Krawczyk

photo credit, courtesy of Bob Krawczyk

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This building is at risk


On 7 July 2018, a 3-alarm fire destroyed 122-124 Peter Street, Toronto.  Several weeks later, the property was demolished, although elements and materials were allegedly salvaged from the heritage property after the 2018 fire for re-use in future reconstruction efforts. 



Prior to the fire, controversies had arisen between the City of Toronto and the owners in regards to the future of the property. The source of the fire has not been publicly released, although is available through the Fire Marshal / Toronto Fire Services reports. 


122-124 Peter Street is allegedly slated to be rebuilt as part of the new re-development project at the site, which will see a 42-storey condominium and hotel (known as Carlyle Communites) also constructed on the site.


Name & Location
122-124 Peter Street
122-124 Peter Street
Waterfront Communities-The Island, Toronto

Alternate names:
Thomas Johnston House


122-124 Peter Street was constructed in 1871. It was one of the oldest surviving properties in the Entertainment District / King-Spadina neighbourhood and one of a declining number of residential properties in the area. 

On 7 July 2018, a 3-alarm fire destroyed 122-124 Peter Street, Toronto with severe damage to the 2nd floor and roof.  Several weeks later, the property was demolished, although elements were allegedly salvaged from the heritage property for future re-use. 

Between 1875 and 1875, 122 Peter Street was home to Nicholas Flood Davin (1840-1901). Davin was a journalist and lawyer. Davin is considered an architect of the Canadian Residential School System. In 1879, he authored the Davin Report - based on a 1 person commission - which was presented to the House of Commons on 14 March 1879. The report includeded recommendations based on Davin's observations of industrial and residential schools in Western Canada and the United States during early 1879. The Davin Report subsequently resulted in the expansion and increased funding of the Canadian residential school system.  Davin later moved to northwestern Canada and was the first Member of Parliament for Assiniboia West (between 1887-1900). Davin committed suicide in Winnipeg in 1901. 

Strangely, the name of the new condominium and hotel building on this site is to be named "Carlyle Communities." One of the most infamous US-based industrial schools which Davin potentially visited on his 1879 trip was named "Carlisle Indian Industrial School." This naming appears to be a coincidence, as the developers of this site (Carlyle Communities) have named several other of their other projects in the Toronto area with variations of "Carlyle" too.  Notably, Carlisle and Carlyle are phonetically identical. 

122-124 Peter Street was owned by the Woods family for 3 generations. It was formerly used as a rooming house. The property was sold in 2010.


Year Completed:

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The following companies are associated with this building
  • Builder - Thomas Johnston

Semi-detached house

Current use:

Heritage property

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