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York Square

LAST UPDATE: August 25 2020

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photo credit, courtesy of Richard Longley

photo credit, courtesy of Richard Longley

At risk status:
This building is at risk


Redevelopment proposal could destroy essence of early Diamond and Myers project, 2018 OMB decision has given permission to destroy all but the front facade. More recent (2020) design retains none of the existing buildings or courtyard. 

Name & Location
York Square
148 Yorkville Avenue
Annex, Toronto


1970: Massey Medal for Architecture

  • Finalist.

Alternate names:
33-39 Avenue Road


At a time when urban renewal was the norm, this project was the first to incorporate older fabric into a new project. Designed by the new firm, Diamond and Myers, it set a new approach for marrying new and old in Toronto and around the world, Published internationally, in the U.S, Japan, and Europe, receiving 8 pages in Progressive Architecture. This complex was a finalist for a Massey Medal for Architecture in 1970. It is currently the subject of a redevelopment application, for a high rise condominium, by architects Zeidler Partnership, which proposes to save only the elevation at the corner of Avenue Road and Yorkville Avenue. Over 75% of the designated heritage attributes are destroyed, and what is left is ridiculed by the scale of the proposal. The building was designated in 2014. OMB Case Number PL150988, 

Spring 2020 saw a new design for a 29 story tower by a new developer which retained none of York Square


Year Completed:

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Shopping centre

Current use:

Designated under Part IV Ontario Heritage Act



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  25. York Square Video-2020
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  26. City of Toronto Development Application Documents 2020
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  27. Heritage impact Assessment
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    Notes - This report has been prepared for 140 Yorkville Corporation and considers the redevelopment of the properties at 33-45 Avenue Road and 136-148 Yorkville Avenue (the “Site”). It assesses the impact of the proposed development on the heritage resources on and adjacent to the Site. The Site is comprised of several buildings and an interior public square, which make up a commercial complex known as York Square.
    Document - Heritage impact Assessment


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