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Artscape Youngplace

LAST UPDATE: May 31 2019

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photo credit, courtesy of Bob Krawczyk

photo credit, courtesy of Bob Krawczyk

Name & Location
Artscape Youngplace
180 Shaw Street
Trinity-Bellwoods, Toronto

Alternate names:
Western Auxiliary School, Givins School, Shaw Street School, Givins-Shaw Junior and Senior Public Schools


1848: A one-room schoolhouse was built on the corner of Givins and Cedar (now Argyle) streets. Known as Western Auxiliary School. 1859: A two-room schoolhouse designed by Joseph Sheard replaced the earlier construction. The building cost $1804.63 and furnishings an additional $2251.77. The two rooms were divided, one for boys and one for girls. Later additions to this building in 1882 and 1886 were designed by Walter Reginald Strickland. 1860: School renamed Givins School 1876: The two-room schoolhouse was sold and moved the corner of Dundas and Ossington streets, became a part of the Wesley Methodist Church. A new two-storey, brick building was built with multiple additions to total twenty-one rooms. 1914: School board purchases more land along Argyle Street (from Givins to Shaw streets). A new building with 31 rooms designed by C.H. Bishop is built facing onto Shaw Street. Originally used as a barracks and headquarters for the 123rd and 208th battalions. 1918: The 1914 building was finally used as a school. 1948: School consists of two buildings, one fronting Shaw Street and one fronting Givins Street. The school totals 38 rooms and serves 1381 students. 1957: A school building fronting on Givins Street is built for senior students. 1966: Building renamed Shaw Street School 1984: Twinned with Givins Street facing school building, known as Givins-Shaw Junior and Senior Public Schools 2000: This building is shut due to under utilization, students sent to the next-door Givins-Shaw Senior Public School. The same year, the building is listed as a Heritage Property. 2013: The building reopened after a $17 million renovation as a community cultural hub for the arts by Artscape. It was renamed Artscape Youngplace in recognition of a major, leading gift from the Michael Young Family Foundation. The building was built on an axial plan with Classical and Beaux Arts elements in a T-shape. It consists of 3 floors and a raised basement. The flat roof contains moulded cornice and parapets. The exterior is clad in red brick, with red sandstone for the raised base and various exterior design elements such as spandrels and cornices. The principal facade is east-facing onto Shaw Street. The centre block is flanked on each side by long wings.


Year Completed:

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Current use:
Cultural centre

Former use:


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